Monday, January 29, 2007

Do You Fast-Forward Through Commercials?

Networks and major advertisers are facing a battle royal over ratings: the networks want credit for all the people who watch TV shows on their DVR after it's aired. Advertisers refuse to pay for any extra viewers until they can determine how many of them are watching the ads and how many fast forward through them. MediaWeek has the story. I gotta admit: I almost NEVER watch ads anymore. Even shows like "Idol" I can't bear to watch live. It feels like I'm wasting time and ads are just...unnecessary.


Anonymous said...

Yup - same here. We rarely watch live TV simply so we can skip the commercials. I fear that this perk of DVR's is going to be short lived.

Michael in New York said...

Not to fear. It won't go away. The networks pressured manufactuers into hiding or not including the button that lets you skip forward by one minute (my recordable DVR/harddrive player has it inside a sliding space), but they can't get rid of fast forward on the remote. It just isn't feasible. Hurrah!