Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Record Labels ReThinking Digital Music Restrictions

The major record labels are reportedly planning to put their music online in digital MP3 files without bothering with all the ridiculous restrictions that make it difficult if not impossible for people to buy songs and then use them on different players, move them from their computer to their phone or their music player or their stereo and so on. This is LONG overdue. Record companies (and movie studios and book sellers) need to realize that all these stupid technical roadblocks just make life miserable for the average consumer and don't stop the real thieves and bootleggers for a minute. Besides, I strongly believe these restrictions -- which often don't allow people to perfectly legal things with their music (like make a copy for their car or boat) -- are illegal anyway. Make it all easy to use. Didn't iTunes prove that if you make music or movies or TV shows or audio books or whatever available easily at a reasonable price that people won't WANT to deal with bootlegs. Who needs viruses and all that junk when you can buy the song you want for 99 cents?

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