Monday, January 29, 2007

Warner Bros.'s Essential Classics DVD Collection

Just got a press release about "The Essential Classics Collection," which comes in foil packaging and is apparently perfect for Mother's Day. In other words, nothing new about these titles but you should buy 'em. So here's the complete list, in the order they gave it:

Gone With The Wind
Doctor Zhivago
Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory
The Goonies
The Wizard Of Oz
The Maltese Falcon
Citizen Kane
Ben Hur
My Fair Lady
Singin' In The Rain
The Music Man
Meet Me In St. Louis
Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Now which one of those does not belong? Do I even have to say it?


Anonymous said...

What is Gone With The Wind doing on the list!?

Michael in New York said...

I thought someone would start w Citizen Kane, but fair enough -- GWTW will do.

Ed Sikov said...

I always liked CITIZEN KANE.

Anonymous said...

What the Hell is Gigi doing on the list? It ruined Ben & Jennifer's career? I mean, is this supposed to be the document of an "indispensable" flop? What are the people at WB THINKING? Gigi? Sheesh.

Yes, I'm joking.

Michael in New York said...

That's funny. But I've never been a fan of Gigi, actually. Always seemed a tad creepy and stiff to me.