Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fall 2007 Drama Pilots

This is catnip for me: a rundown of all the TV pilots the five major networks are making for the fall. Everything sounds intriguing or good (or godawful) at this point and anything is possible. It's like baseball on Opening Day -- everyone's got a shot at the World Series and any one of these shows could make it to air and be great, whether it's the vampire as detective or the immortal as detective or the rebooted Bionic Woman or Denis Leary's latest look at gritty public servants or Spike Lee's look at a rebellious mayor. Who knows?

Go here for a description of ABC's pilots and who is involved.

Go here for CBS.

Go here for NBC.

Go here for FOX.

Go here for CW.

And by the way, ABC seems convinced that Jason O'Mara will be a star. He's had recurring role on "Men In Tree," starred in flops like "In Justice" and "The Agency," done stage work with Ian Holm and is set to be the next Philip Marlowe in a new ABC drama that will be set in the present.

The show I'm most looking forward to? A remake of the clever British series "Life On Mars," in which a cop accidentally travels back in time to the Seventies.


Michael in New York said...

An email response:

I was mildly curious so I clicked on the link from your blog to HR story
on new pilots.
Did you notice that three pilots are coming from former Dick Wolf L&O
ABC -- Suspect, Ed Zuckerman
NBC -- Ft. Pit, Michael Chernuchin
CW -- Reaper, Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters

Are they leaving Wolf? Is he having trouble retaining key people? given
how all three L&O shows plummetted in quality this year. . . . well,
draw your own conclusions.

I'm delighted to see some of my least favorite filmmakers moving to the
small box -- i.e., the Scott brothers, Guy Ritchie, Rat Brettner, Lasse
Hellfilms, Joe Roth -- although I'm sure it doesn't mean we're rid of them.

I must say that I am utterly without your optimism, though; almost all
of them sound like pluperfect brain-dead shit.

-- from my fellow IRA member George

Michael in New York said...

No, I hadn't noticed the L&O diaspora. Thanks for pointing it out. I'm sure those shows have been plundered for years for show runners, unless they've all been there all along and are suddenly leaving en masse. I'll definitely study further. Yep, TV is the new movie -- and can be a lot more profitable, especially when they just have to get the ball rolling and make money for years if they get lucky. And don't forget Bruckheimer and all his CSIs -- that's been a blessing for the movies no doubt since they've kept him busy.

But I don't really think all the shows sound good. An immortal who fights crime? A vampire who fightsd crime? Ok, that one could be interesting but like most movies and TV shows and books, 95% of them are complete crap. It's just easier to pretend they won't be before you actually see them.