Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daytime TV -- "The View" Is Growing

Rosie O'Donnell is giving life to "The View." Per MediaWeek's Marc Berman, here are the top-rated daytime TV shows from Sept. to the end of January. With "The Price Is Right" on top, you KNOW CBS is thinking long and hard about who is going to replace Bob Barker in one of their cheapest and most profitable franchises. These are network shows and do not include syndicated fare like Oprah and Judge Judy in the afternoon.

Top Daytime TV Shows For 2006-2007 Season (So Far)

1. The Price Is Right (second half) -- 5.87 million viewers
2. The Young And The Restless -- 5.67 million
3. The Price Is Right (first half) -- 4.81 million
4. The Bold and the Beautiful -- 4.16 million
5. The View -- 3.46 million
6. General Hospital -- 3.42 million
7. Days Of Our Lives -- 3.33 million
8. As The World Turns -- 3.25 million
9. One Life To Live -- 3.1 million
10. All My Children -- 3.09 million

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