Monday, January 29, 2007

Bollywood Legend OP Nayyar Is Dead

The composer behind the hit film "Naya Daur" and about a million other hits, OP Nayyar died. Sadly, he was estranged from his wife and four children. And there won't be a Bollywood-like happy ending to this story.
"Around the afternoon, he went to the bathroom where he suddenly became unwell and collapsed," Mr Sadekar [Nayyar's lawyer] said.

He said Nayyar had often told them that on his demise, his family should not be called and they have respected his wish.


Information Junkie said...

O P Nayyar was a class act. As an artist one has to focus on two aspects.

1. the creation process
2. the marketing process

Part of the marketing process that O P Nayyar became beholden to was the fact that he never needed to use Lata.

I find it hard to believe that O P Nayyar could not have discovered a new part of his talent had he collaborated with a new voice and a person. This is the usual Indian Akkad that gets us down.

We need to be aware of it. Celebrating something as a success also means we can lose the sight of the price paid for it.

Michael in New York said...

True for many acts in many genres -- success can breed complacency and a lack of ability or desire to experiment. But then experimenting can be its own refusal to do what you do best. I hope my comments about his private life didn't detract from the sadness of his passing.