Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Billy Joel Releases A New Pop Song

For whatever reason, Billy Joel has decided to release a new pop song. He famously walked away from his recording career, devoting himself to classical music and pop tours that revived old hits and made him tons of money. Few artists walk away when they're on top like Billy Joel, whose last pop album was 1993's "River Of Dreams," which sold a substantial five million copies in the US alone. We've heard about "All My Life," the song he wrote for his current flame for years. We'll finally be able to hear it February 7 on as a streaming audio. From Feb 20 to March 6 it will be available for sale at iTunes and a CD single will follow sometime later. The darn thing is even produced by Phil Ramone. I'll eat my shirt if it doesn't go Top 40 and become a massive hit on adult contemporary stations. Joel will also perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl -- and wouldn't he make a great half-time act in the future? My one unfinished bit of business for Joel? I'd love to see him do a real concert in Central Park. Not one of those exclusive, half-assed things, but a come-one, come-all event. It would be tremendous fun.


priv8pete said...

I think he should just release some of his best pop tunes from his early albums as singles. There is no reason why "You're My Home" or "If I Only Had the Words" couldn't be top 40 hits right now and I'd love to hear them as I was flipping through the radio dial from time to time.

Michael in New York said...

Yeah, but no record company would dish out the payloa to try and get them on the air. If they were used in a movie or tv show -- like Elton John's Tiny Dancer in Almost Famous -- that could spark airplay and these days it's so easy to put a digital single on iTunes that I think -- and I've just thought of this as I was typing -- that we'll be seeing a lot more undiscovered gems from the vaults or oldies jumping back onto the charts in years to come. If a TV show highlights Bill Wither's "Aint No Sunshine" why WOULDN'T tens of thousand s of people want to buy it and since it would be easy via iTunes that should send it up the charts. Something to look forward to. Now you just gotta convince someone to use "Your My Home" on a show.