Friday, January 26, 2007

"Grey's Anatomy" Vs. "CSI"

Earlier this week, I did a detailed breakdown of "Grey's Anatomy" vs "CSI" this season, in response to a silly item by Perez Hilton that suggested viewers were turning away from the top-rated show because of the bigoted comments from Washington. The claim didn't make sense for a lot of reasons -- mostly because it was simply wrong. "Grey's Anatomy" and "CSI" have been neck and neck all season, with "Grey's" usually beating "CSI" with original episodes and their margin of difference often very small. Last night, most shows were reruns, except for a new "Smallville" (still high from that recent Justice League of America stunt) and "Grey" and "CSI." Going head to head, their ratings were typical for the entire season:

Grey's Anatomy -- 21.4 million viewers
CSI -- 20.94 million

The effect of the Washington outburst: nada. Go to MediaWeek's Marc Berman for a complete ratings breakdown.


OneEar said...

20 million lemmings can't be wrong.

Michael in New York said...

Not if you're running a network and wanna make money.