Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Dreamgirls" #1 For Third Day In A Row

Ever since "Dreamgirls" failed to get an Oscar nomination for Best Picture, it has been the #1 movie in the country. It was number one on Tuesday, Wednesday and now it is #1 on Thursday as well. Except for one day in mid-January, this is the ONLY time "Dreamgirls" has been #1, which makes the $80 million gross it has amassed pretty impressive. That streak will end when Friday numbers are out, but it sure has to feel nice for them while it lasts.


Linda said...

This movie was so wonderful is most certainly deserves every bit of recognition, especially after the fall it took at the awards!

Michael in New York said...

Glad you enjoyed it. Meanwhile your website is making me hungry (and I'm a tiresome meat eater).