Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I'm Coming Out

USA Today has a nice, meaty story on hwo the closet still looms large in Hollywood, thanks to basically forced outings for TR Knight and Neil Patrick Harris, and the ugly slurs of Knight's "Grey's Anatomy" costar Isaiah Washington. Most interesting revelation: the actor from "The Sopranos" who played the gay mafioso says his costars were freaked out by the storyline and used words like "faggot" and worse off camera. He says that includes James Gandolfini, who played gay in The Mexican. Ray Richmond of the Hollywood Reporter asks a good question: why does GLAAD offer cover to people like Washington who clearly come to them only when their jobs are in jeopardy and they need to take certain steps. GLAAD could offer suggestions or comments or advice without appearing with them in public until they've shown genuine remorse or that they've learned a lesson.

Finally, for a somewhat unrelated spin on this, watch actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt's amusing short about turning the tables on two tabloid photographers. Very funny and if you stick with it, you'll know why it's here.


Ed Sikov said...

I always liked Joseph Gordon-Levitt, particularly after watching that great video.

Michael in New York said...

Funny, wasn't it? He's terrifically talented too -- last year I saw Brick and Mysterious Skin and he was definitely my actor of the year. His upcoming The Lookout is a decent movie and he gives another interesting performance.