Monday, January 29, 2007

Police Will Perform On Grammy Awards

Look for them on Feb 11 on CBS, per Roger Friedman of It's been reported in a few places and everyone agrees the Police are rehearsing in Vancouver for a world tour. Of courrse, the hype is already crazy -- Friedman says their tour could be the biggest grossing tour of all time. That's a pretty ridiculous claim. To do that, the Police would have to perform a TON of dates for 18 months or more. Are they really willing to slog through all those shows? Or do they just want to hit say 50 cities, make a ton of money and have fun. Gunning for a record like the one held by the Rolling Stones or U2 or Paqul McCartney is a major commitment. I doubt Sting and the others would want to spend two years of their lives to do it. But COULD they do it? Surprisingly, I think they could. The Police had five albums and went out on top at the absolute peak of their popularity. Their catalog remains strong and of course Sting has been a major solo artist. I'd love to see them and it's hard to think of any other band away for so long that could still create such hysteria. Only Led Zeppelin and a reunited Pink Floyd come to mind. Friedman of also says he's heard Courtney Love's new album and that it's brilliant.

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