Thursday, January 25, 2007

Every Band That Has Ever Existed Is Reuniting

That headline seemed easier than going through the list of bands that are getting back together for personal, professional or artistic reasons.

Van Halen is touring with David Lee Roth because it's no fun feuding with Sammy Hagar anymore.

The Jesus and Mary Chain are performing at Coachella in April because they believed they never really fully explored the usage of feedback.

As I mentioned before, Crowded House are going on a world tour.

And Wu-Tang Clan is FINALLY working on a new album. Atypically, they're NOT doing it for the money, as RZA explained to Billboard: "Let's just say a Wu-Tang Clan album is worth a couple million dollars. Once 10 guys get on it, it's still worth a couple hundred grand. Some guys' lifestyles require them to make five or six hundred thousand dollars a year regardless. Maybe doing Wu-Tang will make you that much money, but doing it by yourself could you make you a million, because there aren't so many hands involved. But for the legacy, I think we should be willing to make that sacrifice and get it cracking."

In the future, I will only report on bands that are NOT reuniting. First up: the Beatles.

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