Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Nintendo's Wii Says Weeeeeee!

Nintendo's Wii -- the video game system with a controller you manipulate by jumping around -- had a great holiday season and is outselling Sony's PlayStation 3. But this NYTimes article misses the real news: the best-selling game console over the holidays wasn't Wii or PlayStation 3 or GameBox. It was PlayStation 2! Yep, price matters and the super-expensive PS3 with very few new games is for hardcore gamers. The average consumer will upgrade once the price drops in the next few years and have a grand old time with PS2 while they wait. Wii expands the audience and is a great second console for families that might have one game system in the living room and want another one for the kid's room. There are no losers here and PS3 is far from a flop or being trounced by Wii. But yes, Wii is a definite success story.

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