Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Grey's Anatomy" -- Everything Will Be Fine

Robert Bianco of USA Today has a nice take on the issue, saying that ABC and the show's creator fumbled the ball at first but that actors often DON'T get along, and as long as Washington can stop being a putz and genuinely work on a professional level with the others (and last week's episode demonstrated he and Knight -- whose characters are unlikely friends on the show -- actually could), then all will be fine and they'll want to keep his character and not mess with the show creatively. That's assuming the other actors are willing to forgive him. Bianco puts it all into perspective with this closing thought:
Until then, let's look at this ugly incident's one bright side. Had word come out 20 years ago that a TV star had been called a homosexual, it's the gay actor whose career would have been over. Now, it's the bigot who's in danger. That, at least, is a healthy sign.

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