Thursday, July 20, 2006

ABC's "The One" Is Actually The Eighth

Last night I taped ABC's debut of the "American Idol" wannabe reality show "The One: In Search Of A Pop Star" on my DVR. Then for some reason when I got home, I looked at the list of shows and just erased that one out of hand. I couldn't be bothered. Apparently I wasn't the only person. "The One" set all sorts of unwanted records: it ranked eighth in its timeslot, it was the lowest rated debut for a reality show in ANY major network's history and it was the lowest rated show of any kind in ABC's history. (Only Nathan Lane's dismal sitcom "Charlie Lawrence" had a lower rating in the key 18-49 category.)


Anonymous said...

Michael: A bit of buzz in Canada on this one. The host is Canadian (former VJ who now hosts a nightly newsmagazine on the CBC) The CBC acquired the rights to simulcast it (and it's the first US acquired series in years as the CBC is 100 per cent Canadian content)and had to bump the national news by an hour to do it!!! CBC plans a homegrown Canuck version in the fall but after this who knows??? Check out today's Globe and Mail. Cheers.

Michael in New York said...

Thanks for that tip. I have family in Toronto and my grandmother wrote for the Globe and Mail for many years so I'm a faithful reader and was amused by the fallout of this silly reality show for the CBC. Ooops.