Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is Steely Dan REALLY Mad At Owen Wilson?

This bit of silliness is getting way out of hand. Steely Dan posted a mock-outraged letter on their website claiming the comedy "You, Me & Dupree" rips off their song "Cousin Dupree." Maybe it did and maybe they're annoyed. But obviously they're not really mad at Owen. He didn't write the movie and there's no reason to think he knew or suspected it might lay claim to an idea of someone else. They address their letter to his little brother Luke (thinking wrongly that he was the older one) and ask him to get Owen to come to a show of theirs and apologize. He can even bring his bongos and sit in. It's an amusing little nothing, but it's been repeated as "Steely Dan Accuse Owen Wilson of Plagiarism" (which they don't) and a million other spins. That Globe & Mail article is about the most sober one out there. It's amazing what putting up an item on a webpage can make happen when news outlets are desperate for news. Whoops, I just did it too.

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