Friday, July 21, 2006

"America's Got Talent"...In January: "Lost" Will Be Lost After Drawn Out Season

Some stupid moves by the major networks. NBC is trying to pretend that "America's Got Talent" is a breakout summer hit. It IS a hit, with emphasis placed on "summer.' Bringing it back in January around "American Idol" time will reveal it for the lame-ass imitation that it is and ruin what could have been okay summer filler. Meanwhile, ABC announced it days ago but it was so stupid and the feedback was so negative, I thought they'd change their minds. But nope. One of the worst things about "Lost" this season was the break in new episodes and trying to figure out exactly what had been going on. The fix was obvious: switch to a "24"-like schedule, where the show begins airing in January and there is a mostly unbroken string of new episodes. Instead, ABC is airing six or seven episodes in the fall, inserting a new drama for 13 weeks and then switching back to "Lost" long after everyone has forgotten what was going on. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

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