Thursday, July 20, 2006

Transamerica Thinks A Broadway Flop Is A Good Investment

Seriously, Transamerica executives say they don't mind the fact that their $8 million Broadway musical "Hot Feet" closed after three months of half-empty houses. Hey, it's branding, they say. Do you really want to work with an investment company that thinks Broadway flops are a good idea? The company also sunk money into the already running "Brooklyn: The Musical" (and if you'd seen "Brooklyn: The Musical" you'd know what an insanely idiotic investment THAT was). And the last time Transamerica was involved in entertainment, it made the historic flop movie "Heaven's Gate" and then decided maybe they should sell United Artists. But what am I doing? Hey, Transamerica, how'd you like to get some great branding and jump into the exciting world of online blogging? I don't curse and all I'm taking a stance on are movies and TV and music so no one could get offended. For $100,000 a year, you can be the sole advertiser on Popsurfing and reap the rewards of the Internet. Call me. We'll do lunch.

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