Friday, July 21, 2006

You Don't Like That Superman? How About This Superman?

Originally, an elaborate boxed set of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies was supposed to come out timed to the theatrical debut of "Superman Returns." They probably realized there was no good to be had out of the endless comparisons that would prompt, whatever they thought of the movie. Now, those DVDs are being released individually on November 28. "Superman I" -- the best comic movie adaptation of all time, per monkeyboy and I'm inclined to agree -- is in a four disc set with the original version and a 2001 revised version. "Superman II: The Director's Cut" is a much longer take on the movie with Richard Donner's original lengthy cut mostly restored: 15 minutes more of Brando, lots of traps by Lois to uncover Supe's secret identity and more. This is the most exciting release -- though it's a shame they didn't include the actual theatrical version, which got tremendous reviews. It's available separately. Plus they also include III and IV, but who cares. Bizarrely, the boxed set includes the theatrical version of Superman II but NOT the Richard Donner director's cut.

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