Friday, July 28, 2006

Harry Potter Gets Naked!

Actor Daniel Radcliffe will play the lead role in a revival of Equus next March in London, a very demanding role that includes nudity. Radcliffe will play a stable boy who seems to have an 'erotic relationship" with some horses. His costar is Richard Griffiths, who appears in the Potter films and just won a Tony for "The History Boys." This is a bold switch for Radcliffe and perhaps ill-advised: he's the weak link in the movies, often simply not up to the complex emotions that the role of Harry Potter COULD draw out of a better actor. In the last movie, when Harry ahd to cry, Radcliffe was kept under an invisibility cloak for the scene -- other key emotional moments have been brief or focused on others. He has the right appeal and isn't a huge detriment to the films, but Radcliffe hasn't been nearly as good as he might have been -- and Equus might very well reveal his deficiencies once and for all.

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