Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"Aquaman" Is At iTunes

In yet another example of how the Internet is changing everything,the failed fall pilot "Aquaman" is available for sale on iTunes. Failed TV pilots have foudn an afterlife and been screened in LA and NYC in clubs before. (One starring Jack Black is legendary.) But now it's taken a twist -- a rejected pilot called "Nobdoy's Watching" was mysteriously posted on YouTube and got tons of reaction. Now the creators are writing some webisodes and will probably get picked up by NBC. Since "Aquaman" is a presold commodity, why NOT sell the pilot on iTunes? It cost them a couple million, so maybe they can make some of that lost money back. One day, we'll be able to second guess the decisions of TV network executives by seeing all the pilots they rejected -- or they'll simply post the pilots before making their picks and let us do the work for them.

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