Friday, July 28, 2006

Dylan and Cat Stevens: Spiritual Guides

British music star Cerys Matthews was sinking into despair over her heroin addiction when two world famous musicians called her out of the blue.
"I had a telephone call from Bob Dylan and from Yusuf Islam [the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens] in a two-week period and it gave me the confidence to follow what my heart was telling me, which was just to get out. I don't know why they rang, it happened out of the blue.

"I'd like to keep the conversations private but it was a strange time because I'd almost given up hope on everything and started to lose the plot a bit, and that's a pretty sorry place to be. [Then] these spiritual guides called and it helped me gather strength to change things and move and start again. I just did it by leaving the country and living in the middle of nowhere for a year."
Do you think Dylan will call me with encouraging word about my crippling debt? Or does he just specialize in smack?

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