Thursday, July 20, 2006

US Senate Attacks Fake Sex Scenes In Movies

The US Senate brilliantly attacked the non-existent problem of fake sex scenes in Hollywood movies via an anti-kiddie porn bill. What do Hollywood movies and kiddie porn have in common? Nothing. The adult film industry has a long-standing legal obligation to get documentation that all their participants in sex scenes (which, of course, are real)are at least 18 years of age. The porn film companies must also keep those records on file and state on every DVD who has the files and and at what address. All well and good, since obviously porn movies feature people having actual sex and the adult film industry has been rocked by scandals in which under-age actors performed.

But in the midst of the bill, suddenly the Senate is now demanding that Hollywood keep records of every actor's age who appears in a fake sex scene on movies or TV. Why? No reason. Is there a problem of Hollywood using under-age actors to simulate sex in an attempt to appeal to kiddie porn users? No. Has there been at least a symbolic problem of one infamous case of an underage actor faking sex when the studios assumed they were 18? No. In fact, what is the number of complaints by the public or criminal indictments or perhaps threat of indictments or even accusations of being taken advantage of by an underage actor in a simulated fake not-actually-real sex scene? None. Zero. Zip. So now the US Senate hopes to add massive, wasteful and cumbersome paperwork to an industry (entertainment) that is our second biggest export after the arms industry and that has had zero problems with kiddie porn. Hollywood got the bil massively watered down but is still afraid to oppose it because then of course they would be supporting kiddie porn. Ridiculous.

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What a waste of time.