Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Box Office -- "John Tucker" Lives!

Just dropping off my mail and heading out to a Meatloaf press conference (I just wanna hear what he says about his feud with Jim Steinman). But I couldn't resist patting myself on the back for picking "John Tucker Must Die" to do much better than everyone else predicted. I thought the title was great, the cast strong and the publicity machine working full-blast (I must have seen a million promos) and so I said it would do about $15 mil when everyone else thought it would make about half that. "The biggest surprise" of the weekend box office says the NY Daily News? Not if you read Popsurfing. Woody Allen opened to about $3 mil and will make much less than $10 mil, I'd imagine, given what should be poor word of mouth. "Lady in the Water" collapsed, of course, but "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" is almost equally expensive and an even bigger flop. Finally, "Superman Returns" is at about $185 mil and probably won't make $200 mil unless Imax 3-D screenings chug along for a while. Per Box Office Prophets, the Top 12

1. Miami Vice -- $25.2 mil
2. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest -- $20.5 mil ($358.4 mil total)
3. John Tucker Must Die -- $14.1 mil
4. Monster House -- $11.5 mil
5. Ant Bully -- $8.1 mil
6. You, Me and Dupree -- $7 mil ($59 mil total)
7. Lady In The Water -- $7 mil ($32.1 mil total)
8. Little Man -- $5.1 mil ($50.2 mil total)
9. The Devil Wears Prada -- $4.8 mil ($106.7 mil total)
10. Clerks II -- $3.9 mil ($18.5 mil)
11. My Super Ex-Girlfriend -- $3.8 mil ($16.4 mil total)
12. Superman Returns -- $3.8 mil ($185.8 mil total)

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