Friday, July 21, 2006

The Next James Bond...Is Still Daniel Craig

Even before the premiere of "Casino Royale," the proeucers have announced that Daniel Craig will play Bond again in the next installment of 007's adventures (Bond #22, I believe). Obviously, Craig would have had to commit to several sequels before he could make the first one. So the only reason they're saying this is to shore up fan feelings and get people to accept the fact that Craig is Bond for the forseeable future. Mind you, if the movie is a disastrous flop, he could go the way of George Lazenby. But that's almost certain not to happen. Still, given the fact that the book "Casino Royale" is pretty low-key (and to a tiny degree grim) as opposed to the last few Pierce Brosnan outings, I'd be shocked if this Bond did NEARLY as well as the last few. It won't reflect on Craig, just on the tonal shift in the series.

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