Thursday, July 27, 2006

Floyd Landis Tests Positive For Illegal Drugs

Good lord. "Days of Our Lives" has nothing on this year's Tour De France. Now Floyd Landis has tested positive for a sample given after Stage 17, the stage where he made perhaps the most remarkable comeback in Tour history. A second sample has to be tested to make sure the first one wasn't a false positive. And of course Landis is on all sorts of drugs for his hip. His people say they're surprised and certain further testing will exonerate him. It's truly getting to the point where you can't enjoy ANY professional sports -- they're all tainted by the scourge of steroids and other cheating methods that remove the spirit of fair competition.


priv8pete said...

Except for soccer. The World Cup was pleasant to watch, well officiated, and that Golden Ball winner, Zidane, is a stand up fellow!

Michael in New York said...

I stand corrected.