Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Real Bomb This Weekend? "My Super Ex-Girlfriend"

Everyone piled onto M. Night Shyamalan and certainly the word of mouth on "Lady in the Water" is bad. Richboy says the movie isn't scary (like the ads pretended), it isn't fantastical, or fairy tale-like, it's just CONFUSING. About eight different ideas -- none of them connected to each other -- compete for your attention and it would all be hopelessly muddled if there wasn't a stereotypical Asian lady from the old country to keep trying and explain what was going on. It opened poorly -- but for a movie starring non-stars Paul Giamatti and Bryce Dallas Howard -- not insanely bad. The real bomb this weekend is Uma Thurman's "My Super Ex-Girlfriend,' which barely opened. Meanwhile, "POTC: DMC" will hit $300 mil by today. Here are the current estimates per Box Office Prophets:

1. POTC: DMC -- $34.3 mil
2. Monster House -- $25.1 mil
3. Lady in the Water -- $18.8 mil
4. You, Me and Dupree -- $11.3 mil
5. Clerks II -- $10.2 mil
6. Little Man -- $9.3 mil
7. My Super Ex-Girlfriend -- $8.8 mil
8. Superman Returns -- $7.7 mil
9. The Devil Wears Prada -- $7.3 mil
10. Cars -- $4.3 mil

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