Thursday, July 20, 2006

Tom Hanks On A Road Trip To Ballparks

Tom Hanks once told me in an interview that one of the few bummers about being famous was that he couldn't go to baseball games regularly unless he sat in a skybox, which is no fun at all. If he was down near the field, people would line up from the beginning of the game until the end to get a ticket and mde it impossible for him (and the people around him) to enjoy the game. He quickly added it was a small price to pay for fabulous wealth and an amazing life, etc., etc., but a bummer nonetheless. This was at the height of his Oscar glory. He's still a huge star, of course, but somehow Hank's wangled out a way to take a mini-tour of five or six ballparks, sometimes with Dennis Miller and Ron Howard in tow. Maybe he has to stay in the skybox eventually, but it would be nice to think people would let this one-time hot dog seller enjoy a game without bugging him.

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