Friday, July 28, 2006

"Rescue Me" Garners Big Ratings

"Rsecue Me's" ratings are up a tick to about 3 million for last week's episode, proving there is no better way to get a show an audience than to denounce it for being so outrageous and offensive. Also on FX was the debut of the documentary series "30 Days," which garnered a more modest 1.5 mil viewers -- on par with last season. The show -- from Morgan Spurlock, the guy behind "Super Size Me" -- showed an anti-illegal immigrant activist who volunteers to patrol the border spending a few weeks living with a family of illegal immigrants who share a tiny apartment while holding down several jobs, paying taxes and raising good kids. This sort of attempt to bridge gaps between groups is apparently offensive to T-Mobile, which of course pulled its ads from ALL of FX. Why does T-Mobile hate Mexicans? Finally, ESPN's boxing show The Contender is building an audience.

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