Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Daniel Powter Having A Bad Day

A fine article in the Daily News(my new home, of sorts) about how Daniel Powter (who wrote the song "Bad Day" featured on "American Idol") has sold buckets of the single but can't seem to sell any copies of his album. The only problem is that they are blaming "digital downloads" as some sort of new nemesis to artist development. Hey, a few years ago, they didn't sell any singles at all or they'd cut them off as soon as they hit the Top 10. Did that develop artists? No, it just pissed off fans and kept younger kids who could maybe only afford a $2 single rather than an $18 album from being purchasers of music. The problem with Powter certainly isn't digital (as opposed to regular) single sales. The problem is that he feels like a one-hit wonder and people know it. If he turns out two or three more catchy singles, believe me, people will start buying his CD.

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