Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hugh Grant Learns His ABC"s

My friend Gene Page was the still photographer on the new Hugh Grant comedy "Music and Lyrics By." So I'm especially interested in how the movie turns out -- the better it is, the better for Gene. Grant plays a pop star and Martin Fry of ABC was his vocal stand-in and coach. That's a good fit: Fry's smooth, sophisticated slightly wry vocals will work perfectly with Grant. With songs written by the pop geniuses behind Fountains of Wayne, this movie is sounding better by the minute. Finally, ABC reminds me of my friend Chris from college -- he was a huge fan of their masterpiece "Lexicon of Love" and basically turned me onto the band. He's in Canada now and doing a fun podcast so he doesn't feel too corporate in his life. Check it out. Hey, I almost set a record for number of links in one posting!

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