Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Disney/PIxar Acquires "John Carter Of Mars"

This could be great news for Pixar and animated film buffs in general. Pixar has done a terrific job of mixing in new genres and trying to avoid the formula that Disney films fell into. But there's no disputing that Pixar films follow a certain template and are all G-rated family flicks. Now they've acquired the classic pulp fiction series "John Carter Of Mars" from the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate. This would make a TERRIFIC PG or even PG-13 rated animated franchise that could beef up the action and violence (and sexiness), keep the Pixar animators fresh and challenged and remind people that animated flicks don't all have to be about talking animals and singing toys. If you're not familiar with the stories, here's the Wikipedia entry on John Carter. Ralph Bakshi would be pleased.

Meanwhile, HBO has acquired the George R.R. Martin fantasy series "A Song Of Fire and Ice" and plans to turn it into a series. Each novel will provide the plot for one season of the show. If it all works out as planned, the series will last seven seasons, assuming Martin finishes the books as planned with seven volumes (he just did book five) by 2011.

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