Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Idol" Dominates Again

The breakdown isn't available yet, but the overnights show "American Idol" remaining almost exactly where it was last night, with about another 37 million viewers. Yes, my beloved "Friday Night Lights" was crushed, but it was a last-minute rerun and (small comfort) at least it wasn't beaten by "Beauty and the Geek" on CW. That's called clutching at straws.

Some more thoughts on the show: still very entertaining and well done, with a handful of interesting acts getting through (though the tall chick and the Shakira-wannabe won't last long, I don't think). But there was a slightly less friendly tone, especially from Ryan Seacrest. He got a little stone-faced with some of the kids, letting them dangle on camera awkwardly when it wasn't necessary. And I DO wish they'd post an exit sign on the right-hand door so the judges don't have to keep muttering "other door" when the kids try to leave. But after five years of excruciating auditions, you can see Randy and even Paula less willing to endure the truly awful, just like Simon. Of course we don't see most auditions because mostly they just say sorry and move on. But when someone can literally not even hit a single note -- like the guy singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" -- I'd defy even Mother Teresa not to giggle after a day of misery. And always remember: the "Idol" auditions are far nicer than a real-life audition any day. In real life, you'd just get five seconds and be cut off with a "NEXT!" On "Idol," they actually try and take a moment to convince you that a singing career is NOT an option. For the delusional, this is actually a nice thing.

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