Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Idol" Recap -- Birmingham Boring

A particularly unexciting episode of "Idol," which frankly spent too much time with oddballs like that middle-aged woman in yellow and the girl at the end who made fun of Randy's weight. I don't understand the people who are way over age and get on air. Don't they ask to see a driver's license or some other proof of age? It's just wasting our time. And why no explanation of Paula's absence on day two? My thoughts on ones that got through:

Kewpie doll voice -- she seemed like a gimmick that won't last

Tatiana -- who sang Aretha's "I Never Loved A Man (The Way That I Loved You)." Too much head-shaking but okay.

Bernard Williams -- sang "Rock With You." I've no idea what Paula was talking about when she said he was off-key. I agree with Simon he was very good. Promising. By the way, have you noticed that when someone likes someone, that pick is almost always unanimous? If you're gonna get in on a split vote, it's usually Randy and Paula, which must have made the absence of Paula on Day Two all the more disheartening for singers.

Jamie Lynn-- sang Reflections w "Blue Eyed Bombshell" t-shirt. Pretty weak; just got in with her horrific backstory (did her dad KILL her mom or just shoot her before paralyzing himself? And how icky is it of her to bring this up first thing at an audition?) Simon must have liked her chest.

Chris Sligh -- afro guy who sang "Kiss From A Rose." I'm with Paula on this one; I thought he was great, the best that we heard.

All in all, a dull two days. I blame the small size of Birmingham, even though people trucked in from Atlanta and elsewhere, the pool just wasn't big enough.

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Anonymous said...

Chris (Kiss from a Rose) was hilarious...whether it's singing or standup, he's going to get a job out of that audition.