Monday, January 15, 2007

Ken Burns At PBS Through 2022

Ken Burns has signed a 15 year deal with PBS. Clearly, he isn't going anywhere, not when PBS lets him devote 14 hours (as they should) to a documentary on World War II, which launches in September. Some reporters actually questioned whether that was too much time. Are they idiots? Do they seriously think 14 hours is too much time to devote to such a seminal, world-changing event? I've got DVD boxed sets covering only PART of the war (Like "Victory At Sea") that are completely engrossing and if anything too short that are just as long if not longer. Other upcoming projects Burns wants to tackle include Prohibition and the national parks system. What about The Great Depression? As for all the fuss about salty language in the series, I hope PBS stays firm. Not one child in America is going to sit through 14 hours of "The War" in order to get a thrill from hearing someone say "fuck." And if they did, that would be wonderful -- just like the kids who went to see Truffaut and Fellini for the naughty bits and found themselves exposed to great art. A serious legal wrangle over this issue could end the FCC's reign of terror for good.

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