Monday, January 08, 2007

My Best Of The Year Lists -- Where Are They?

Here's the schedule: I'm going to see "The Painted Veil" tonight and finish watching the DVD pile of notable flicks sitting by my TV. In the next few days, a friend of mine will release his scarily complete list of every movie that played commercially in New York City in 2006. (You'd be surprised how many movies you can forget about.) Using that list, I'll be able to finally compile my choices for the Best Movies of 2006. I'd look for it sometime next week (after the weekend). And then the week after that I'll finish my Best CDs of 2006. My goal is always to finish in January, before the Oscars and before the Village Voice Pazz & Jopp poll in February. But you can expect to see M. Ward somewhere on my Best CDs list. Who knew he was a film composer too? Ward has a movie at Sundance in a few weeks.

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