Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Overnight TV Ratings -- "Heroes" and "24" Neck And Neck

Both "Heroes" and "24" are winners again last night, proving there's plenty of room for two hit shows in the same timeslot. (Heck, I watch both of them.) And "Studio 60" continues to look very weak. it can't even beat a rerun of "CSI: Miami" coming out of a night of reruns on CBS. When is NBC going to move it to another night and see how it fares? Probably when it has a show to replace it with, maybe "The Black Donnellys?" Get the complete ratings breakdown from Marc Berman at MediaWeek.

8 p.m.
1. Deal Or No Deal -- 16.86 million
2. Prison Break -- 9.91 million
3. Wife Swap (rerun) -- 7.99 million
4. How I Met Your Mother (r) -- 7.72 million/The Class (r) -- 6.57 million
5. Everybody Hates Chris -- 2.76 million/All Of Us -- 2.36 million

9 p.m.
1. 24 -- 14.05 million
2. Heroes -- 13.57 million
3. Two And A Half Men (r) -- 12.68 million/Old Christine (r) -- 10.1 million
4. Wife Swap (r) -- 7.99 million
5. Girlfriends -- 2.35 million/ The Game -- 2.26 million

10 p.m.
1. CSI: Miami (r) -- 13.43 million
2. Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip -- 6.95 million
3. What About Brian -- 5.71 million


priv8pete said...

Oh, crap! I forgot to tape both Heroes and 24 because we played poker at game night last night. I think I can catch up with Heroes online, but does Fox have anything other than just 2 minute round ups of 24?

Anonymous said...

It's like I don't even know you anymore.

Michael in New York said...

You can buy the episode for $2 on iTunes. Isn't poker sinful? Did I tell you how I did at the casino in Palm Springs?

priv8pete said...

Poker is not sinful. Playing for money? Perhaps, but I'm not sure. The point where playing poker becomes more important than God is when it is definitely a sinful behavior. There are also a myriad of other circumstances in which I would agree that playing poker (or any other leisure activity for that matter) would be sinful (causing another to stumble, "the debtor is slave to the lender", etc.). So, it becomes a Spirit-led decision as all things should be.

On this night it was just a friendly game among seven young Alfredians (3 Anabaptists, 2 Evangelicals, & 2 Non-Christian Professors) where we mutually agreed to play for fun an no one has a history of gambling addiction. I got all in with Ace/Jack of hearts after the flop was 8/5 of clubs and Ace of diamonds. I pegged my opponent at the straight or flush draw and figured I had a better than 60% chance of beating him only to see a club come up on the river to suck me out.
Oh, and Joe found me Fox's link for watching 24 online. So, I guess I'll be cuddling up with my laptop for Heroes and 24 soon.

Michael in New York said...

Yep, and those chocolate "cigarettes" they sold at Fannie Farmer were just harmless fun...until I turned to CRACK!

P.S. You can drown in that river, can't you?

priv8pete said...

On a side note, candy cigarettes are now called candy sticks. Somehow I ended up with Spiderman Candy Sticks after Halloween and they're still sitting on my desk here at work.

P.S. It looks like a picked the wrong week to stop smoking cigarettes...