Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paula Drunk Again?

That's the implication of a NY Daily News article about Paula Abdul's antics during a Seattle TV interview. I'll never understand why Paula didn't record and release a new album after the first or second season. There was certainly a ton of record label interest and Paula discussed the possibility coyly with me when I raised it in an interview. (Leading me to think it was happening.) Now, finally, she seems to be making outside projects happen, even as a genuine rift develops between her and the show. The most obvious sign of a rift to me: an "American Idol" karaoke machine -- surely one of the few merchandising spinoffs that is not only inevitable but makes actual sense -- includes the likenesses of Simon and Randy but NOT Paula, who couldn't come to a deal. Maybe you don't want a doll or to be involved in some AI magazine or internet setup or whatever but how could anyone object to an AI karaoke machine? But solo Paula deals are happening: she's got a reality show with Bravo and most important of all Paula is doing choreography and other creative work and appearing in the live action film version of the redhot doll franchise Bratz. That is ideal for her and could be a big validation of her talent. Here's the clip they're talking about. Paula certainly seems drunk, but if in fact this was the last of many satellite interviews, as her publicist claimed, then shouldn't there be a string of interviews showing her drunk?

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