Friday, January 12, 2007

SciFi Channel Development: A New "Flash Gordon"

The SciFi Channel just announced a slew of upcoming projects, both TV shows and miniseries. Conspicuously missing from the lineup: any mention of "Caprica," the spinoff to "Battlestar: Galactica" that is set 50 years before the show began. Good. I hope all their spinoff and side projects get delayed or cancelled and they remain focused on keeping "BG" one of the best shows on TV. Among the programming you can look forward to:

FLASH GORDON -- a new take on the cliffhangar sci-fi fantasy classic. The Halmis are behind this, so it could be cheesy fun. If you've never seen the serials fro the 30s and 40s, rent the DVDs. They're a blast.

TIN MAN -- an odd take on "The Wizard Of Oz" starring Alan Cumming.

DIAMOND AGE -- Neal Stephensen adapts his best-selling novel into a miniseries, with George Clooney producing.

REVOLUTION -- Life on a space colony under increasing siege from Earth. From the people behind "Shark."

UNTITLED DARREN STAR -- Four cons from the future are given new technologically advanced bodies in order to fight cyber crime and dangers from science experiments gone awry.

AVERY HOUSE -- Mark Burnett of "Survivor" continues to try and break into drama with this story of a bed-and-breakfast that channels the wishes and desires and fears of its inhabitants.

JOHNNY MIDNIGHT -- A slacker with amazing powers (and a dorky name) has to decide if he wants to commit to fighting the bad guys. From Howard Deutch, one-time protege of John Hughes.


sftom said...

Maybe Avery can star Antonio Sabato or some other latin actor and a midget assistant that calls him "Boss" as the B&B hosts....

Michael in New York said...

Yes, that's how I feel about that one too. Silly sounding.