Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Scrubs" Musical Episode Is Tonight

Tonight, "Scrubs" is airing a musical episode, with songs written or cowritten by the guys from "Avenue Q." I haven't seen an advance, but it sounds like a lot of fun. But if you want to squeeze any fun out of this project, just read the NYTimes review. Here's the lead: "There is something about the urgent pace of technological progress that, no matter how welcome, seems to navigate our tastes in historical reverse." Huh? It gets worse:
It didn’t seem long before the fashion for vacuum-cooked salmon redounded to another fad for meatloaf and macaroni and cheese. The arrival of sleek, heat-retaining microfibers never sent fur on its way, it only seemed to heighten a demand for everything ermine, sable and pouffy. YouTube certainly exists in no small part to indulge our nostalgic affinities. And television, for its part, has displayed a recent interest in what some have long considered entertainment’s hoariest form, the musical.
Aargh, nothing worse than fake, tongue in cheek pseudo-intellectual claptrap. YouTube exists to indulge our nostalgic affinities? I thought it existed to show stupid clips of people making soda bottles fizz over and watch stupid home videos. And who thinks the musical is the hoariest form of entertainment? Really, with "Chicago" and "Dreamgirls" and "Spring Awakening" on Broadway and Outkast making "Idlewild" and the omnipresent musical allure of music videos and "High School Musical" the biggest phenomenon of the year? To top it off, they just assume the new Disney TV movie "Jump In!" -- about competitive jump-roping -- is a musical. It ain't.

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