Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Simon Cowell Has Never Bought A Dylan Album

Why do I find that easy to believe? Actually, Simon Cowell is very smart so I can't figure out why he's being stupid about Dylan. (He's made this comment before.) Of COURSE Dylan would have been an awful contestant on "American Idol." So would lots of great acts. Robert Plant? Patti Smith? Bjork? Nope, they wouldn't have been good either. Elvis? He would have been great, of course. So what's Cowell's point, that eccentric singer-songwriters don't make good contestants on variety shows? We knew that. It hardly means Dylan is not a good artist. Saying Kelly Clarkson has more talent is just silly and makes Cowell look dumb. Almost NO ONE has as much talent as Dylan. Just because his show isn't good at finding out stars like that is no reason to slag them. It's obvious what a young Dylan would have done: he would have competed on "Nashville Star." And done great.

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