Monday, January 01, 2007

UK Music Charts Vs. Popsurfing

A mostly quiet week on the music charts, as you'd expect for the time after Christmas. No new albums coming out, no new singles to flop. On the singles chart, Iron Maiden is the surprising (to me) top debut at #3 with "Different World" while "X Factor/UK Idol" winner Leona Lewis remains at #1. And while the trend towards guest vocalists has gone crazy in hip-hop, I'm struck by the latest twist: instead of collaborations or a "featuring" credit, we're now seeing more and more pairings presented as smackdowns, such as Queen Vs. The Miami Project (a new take on "Another One Bites The Dust") and Big Bass Vs. Michelle Narine. What's next, a death cage showdown? On the album charts, reunited boy band Take That remains at #1 with "Beautiful World." I have to wonder if it seems even more beautiful since Robbie Williams has already dropped all the way down to #36 with "Rudebox." Enjoy the schaudenfreude while you can, lads. He'll be back.

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