Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend Box Office -- "Dreamgirls" Slows

After three days at #1, it was inevitable that "Dreamgirls" would fall behind the new movies out this weekend. But I had hoped it might remain pretty steady at the box office. Instead, "Dreamgirls" is estimated to fall by about 18% from last weekend. $100 million will be reached, but not much more. It's a hit and -- for a musical and an all black cast -- a very solid one at that. Someone -- not me -- went to see "Epic Movie" and "Smokin' Aces. Here are the final numbers per Box Office Prophets:

1. Epic Movie -- $19.2 million total
2. Smokin' Aces -- $14.3 million
3. Night At The Museum -- $9.5 million ($216.7 million total)
4. Catch And Release -- $8.0 million
5. Stomp The Yard -- $7.8 million ($50.7 million total)
6. Dreamgirls -- $6.6 million ($86.7 million total)
7. The Pursuit Of Happyness -- $5 million ($152.9 million total)
8. Pan's Labyrinth -- $4.5 million ($16.3 million total)
9. The Queen -- $4.0 million ($41.2 million total)
10. The Hitcher -- $3.6 million ($13.4 million total)


Anonymous said...

How was Smokin" Aces?

Michael in New York said...

It ranked #2 and did pretty darn well, for a flick shoved onto the market in January. Despite the wealth of mid-level names, it wasn't thought highly of by its studio and got miserable reviews. It should disappear quickly and do well on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Alicia rocked