Thursday, January 11, 2007

While I Was Away...

Apparently, the first draft of the next "Star Trek" movie is done. Producer JJ Abrams still won't 'fess up on the plot, but everyone assumes it will be a young Kirk and Spock but NOT set in Starfleet Academy. IMDB says shooting will start this year and the film will be released in 2008 but that seems pure speculation based on the fact that 2008 is the EARLIEST the film could come out.

Also, I saw Germany's likely Oscar contender for Best Foreign Film, "The Lives Of Others." Movies about Nazis and specifically the Holocaust are like catnip to Oscar voters; for some reason, I think films about East Germany might have a similar allure. This movie depicts a world where neighbors spy on neighboys and everyone is paranoid. Interesting subject matter, but the central storyline -- a Stasi agent who becomes emotionally involved in the people he's spying on and decides to protect them -- is presented so elliptically I felt nothing. I knew intellectually what was happening, but didn't buy it. And the final act jumps forward so many times ("three months later," "2 years later," and "another two years later") that I giggled. Respectable but not compelling. ** 1/2 out of ****

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