Monday, January 08, 2007

"Young Frankenstein" Musical Looms Large

The NYPost's Michael Riedel makes his predictions for 2007. He's off to a shaky start by saying the "Grease" reality show will be as big a hit as "Dancing With The Stars." That seems unlikely, though it's too soon to dismiss it entirely. As for "Grease" the Broadway musical, you'd be foolish to rule out anything directed by Kathleen Marshall, but without any reason for being other than the reality show (it was just on Broadway a few years ago), it's hardly a slam dunk. The Brits embraced "The Sound Of Music" and its reality show winner. But it could actually hurt this show early on with New York crowds. Riedel's on firmer ground when saying "Young Frankenstein" may have the biggest advance ever when it comes to Broadway (up to $40 million) and decrying the increasing trend of "premium" seats on Broadway.

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