Friday, May 05, 2006

Quote of the Day

And God help me but I can't stop watching the trashy, cheapo reality show "Unan1mous." Not because it's good or entertainingly bad, really. I just can't stop. Richard is literally the most petulant, annoying person around. The truck driver is this rube who is constantly astonished that a group of people who agree to appear on a reality show and are competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars would actually, you know, play the game and lie and cheat to win. And I'm rooting for the gay guy Jameson because gay people always do well on reality shows. And the truck driver, deeply disillusioned by the others and worried his children will think less of him for not brawling with a man who cursed at him, had the quote of the day: "There's so much darkness here I don't think light will ever pierce it."

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