Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Surfing Through "Gilmore Girls"

Suddenly, just when the show had seemed to go off the rails completely, Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Daniel deliver a decent episode. It began with a Friday dinner -- always a good sign. Sookie and her husband had a storyline -- even if it was a silly one about discovering a field of pot on their land, at least they had something to do. (Michelle's "comic" bit about exercising because he had accidentally been putting whole milk in his coffee was stupid -- turning a real character into a joke.) Rory was being overly protective of Logan but her use of Paris as a nursemaid was realistic. (Though it's been a shock in the last two weeks to be reminded Paris is pre-med.) However, the idea that Rory would call the Wall Street Journal demanding a correction for a reference to herself that was factually accurate was stupid. She's not a moron. And Luke's sister popped in, freaked out over her pregnancy and kicking out her husband because she's worried they can't hack it. For a change, her regular guy husband was played straightforwardly and his meeting with Luke was nicely believable. The biggest storyline was Lorelai avoiding Luke because she's supposed to feel like a loser since they aren't married yet. Her mother sprang an unexpected surprise -- she wasn't in Stars Hollow looking for a home to move to; she was there to buy a new home for Lorelia. She presented it in a very sweet, reasonable manner and their banter was essentially loving if filled with barbs they didn't really mean. Lorelai broke down and said the wedding wasn't going to happen -- seeming to acknowledge the problems she and Luke are having. The reasons for their problems are idiotic and I don't know whether they're trying to delay the inevitable (Lorelai and Luke getting married) or deciding she really should be with Christopher. Frankly, at this stage she might as well be with Christopher for all I care. No one seems paired up with the right person -- Rory was better with Jess than Logan and Lane was better with Adam Brody. While it wasn't great, at least the episode walked and talked like a duck.

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