Thursday, May 11, 2006

Surfing Thru "Lost"

Who is John Locke? In Season One, he was my favorite character, a Zen master who understood the island and its mystical nature. Locke inspired confidence and trust. Now? Now he's bitter and questioning and seems to have forgotten everything he knew before. When Echo came up to Locke and said, "Take me to the question mark," the old Locke would squinted his eyes, thought a moment and said, "Okay." The new Locke bitches and moansand refuses to accept Echo has had a vision. Why? Why in fact would ANYONE be surprised when someone else says they have had a vision? Why would they resist that or find that hard to believe? They should be suspicious of people who HAVEN'T had a vision. And of course, when people should be practical they're not. Echo and Locke discover another bunker and watch a tape that makes clear punching the numbers in Hatch #1 is just a psych experiment and utterly meaningless. So Echo immediately decides pushing the numbers is vitally important and a matter of faith? Huh? I'm really getting annoyed.

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Ed Sikov said...

Zen shmen. I just wish Matthew Fox would take his shirt off.