Thursday, May 04, 2006

"The Sopranos" Becomes A Video Game This Fall

Hey, it can't be worse than the new season. Maybe if it's a video game we can speed up the action and not waste our time watching closeted gay mafia guys go antiquing. Do you think the Tony Soprano character can gain points by having a "win" with his therapist? Or just by offing her?


Anonymous said...

I don't know - maybe I'm on a little island but I am enjoying this season and everyone else I talk to is as well. We are not involved in the industry so may have different expectations but we are all intelligent and generally carry a high standard for entertainment. I think this season is excellent providing so many different possible set-ups, so many interesting character developments. We have great talks about Vito and what this whole "idyllic" gay NH town is about - what does it represent. Personally, I don't think it is supposed to be real, but more of a realization. I'm not sure if you're unhappy simply because it's not full of violence and 1-2-3 plots. That's not the feeling I get from you so maybe I am missing something.

Michael in New York said...

SFtom, for the first time I've seen some positive comments in the media, so you're not alone. Just this week the NY Daily News pro and con columns on the show facing off. Was the cook in the diner supposed to be flirting with Vito, by the way? Not out of the question, I suppose, but still kinda unlikely, no? I've never been a big fan of the show, but it is always well-acted and still better than most even at its worst. The debate among the crew when they found out he was gay was funny, crass and to the point in the best way. I've gotta have faith Chase is building towards a satisfying conclusion since he usually does develop all sorts of threads that pay off down the road even if they're not wowing me now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Vito and the cook is obviously an unlikely match. The town is also very unlikely; a gay volunteer fire dept., streets lined with clean diners and gay owned antique shops, etc. That's why I think it's something being seen through Vito's eyes and not reality. It's his dreams of what his like could have been. Not sure where Chase will take this - probably the hard slap of reality is coming in the form of a bullet.
Meanwhile I'll keep the faith that Chase is building up plots.