Thursday, February 16, 2006

Elton John Wins Libel Damages From The Times of London

Good. The Times of London repeated an utterly false lie first printed in the tabloid the Daily Mail claiming that John behaved like a jerk at a charity ball he organized and insisted no one speak to him unless spoken to first. John is also suing the Mail. The main thing here is to hold serious media outlets to a certain level of responsibility. For the Times of London to print a rumor like that just because it was in the Daily Mail is absurd. That gives the Mail an importance and credibility it doesn't deserve. The same thing happens here. has gossip items on its home page. Sometimes they sound shocking, but then you click on the link and annoyingly find out IMDB is repeating a trashy story printed in the National Enquirer or some obscure web site. IMDB, the Times of London and other reputedly respectable outlets shouldn't feed off the lies of the tabloids.


Anonymous said...

They said Elton John behaved like a diva. And lost? he must have some good lawyers.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed that at IMDB too. They have these sensational stories and then you find out the source is so lame it doesn't deserve to be repeated.

Anonymous said...

The bitch is back. And winning lawsuits.